2009_Ron-Weinland-PhotoYou would think that after the whole 2013 they would give us a break with the whole apocalypse, end of the world stuff, but as long as there are conmen and nut-jobs who listen to them this website will have enough material until the real end of the world happens. The next “End of the World” prediction comes from Ronald Weinland. If the name sounds familiar, then that maybe because Weinland is the author of 2 failed predictions in the last couple of years. There was the September 29th 2011 prediction which of course failed and then of course the date was changed to May 27th of 2012. We are still here and he was so sad.

The second reason you may have heard of Ronald Weinland is because he is the tax evader/conman who served time for cheating on taxes. As you can see, Weinland has all the right qualifications to make an end of the world prediction for the end of times and to take the money from the gullible. The lack of self respect, has led Weinland to come up with a third date for the end of the world. Who knows? Maybe the third time is the charm.

The new date for the end of the world according to Weinland will be May 19th 2013. We have no way of telling you 100 percent that Ronald Weinland is trying to con his followers, he may really believe what he is saying, but that does not make him a good source. Our prediction is that May 19th will come and go and another date will be offered by good ol’ Ronald. People like him never give up despite clear evidence they have no idea what they are talking about.

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