Hide under ground because you will be protected when the world blows up

Hide under ground because you will be protected when the world blows up

The aliens are coming! The aliens are coming! Wait… maybe it is not the aliens… Maybe the center of the galaxy will align with the sun and the earth leading to a bunch of catastrophes such as solar flares or even a gamma ray will strike the earth and end all life in the planet. No wait, it is the tectonic plates that will rearrange causing world-wide earthquakes of a magnitude we have never seen, or worst yet a pole reversal that will take place in less than 24 hours. Or is it Nibiru on a path that will hit earth, but we cannot see it yet. Hey even a big asteroid could hit us and end life in the planet. What did Nostradamus have to say about it? Are you scared of December 21st 2012 yet?

I have my own prediction for what will happen on December 21st of 2012. There will be no catastrophe of a global magnitude, but a lot of people will die. They will die of disease, old age, hunger, war, crime and some will commit suicide. Some of the suicides will be in preparation of an end of the world that will never happen. My only hope is that with this page we are able to reach some of the “would be” suicidal people preparing for the end of the world and make them see that the chances of something happening are close to zero. That way they may put their suicide plans off and go on to live a very happy and long life.

Another prediction is that a lot of people who believe that December 21st 2012 will mean a series of catastrophes, who prepared themselves by spending hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions will feel stupid for doing so. Nothing wrong with keeping some batteries and water for an emergency, but building a shelter underground to protect you from atomic bombs in Nebraska is a bit too much.

This page was not made in order to ridicule those who believe the end of the world is imminent, but rather to give them a different perspective or something that they may have not heard of before. People who believe the so called “Mayan Prophecies” are no different to those who believe the end of the world is coming because the bible says so. They are no different to those looking at the words of Nostradamus for clues about Armageddon in 2012.

The human race has been told for a long time that the end of the world will happen so we look at the possible ways in which it could. Religion is one and another one is to look at proposals such as the 2012 Mayan Calendar and point to it as the last day on earth. If and when the world comes to an end, it will not be because of words written by a culture that did not understand science. Nostradamus could not have possibly predicted the end of the world because like everyone who has ever lived he did not have special powers.

The fact is that neither Michelle de Notre Dame, nor Paul, or the Mayans, or Jesus, or anyone who ever lived could tell you when the world is going to end. If the human race is at risk today, then it is a risk from each other.

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